Essential Facts to Know about Dental Implants

Essential Facts to Know about Dental Implants

December 2, 2021

Are you aware dentures and dental bridges were the only solutions available for replacing missing teeth earlier? Fortunately, dental implants are now available as missing tooth replacement if you happen to miss one or several teeth. Implant placements from dental implants in Winter Springs, FL, are beneficial than other types of restorations because they resemble and function like your natural teeth.


The procedure for getting dental implants can seem scary, especially if you have not experienced tooth loss earlier. It is why learning some of the essential facts about dental implants helps make you feel informed and relaxed.


The tooth implant dentist near you happily guides you through the process after considering your specific situation and what you can expect during the implant placement procedure. First of all, learn about these essential facts about dental implants before you consider getting them to replace your missing teeth.


Benefits Of Dental Implants


Tooth Decay Goodbye


Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants don’t attract tooth decay, making it practically impossible to develop cavities. However, it doesn’t indicate you can stop brushing and flossing or get regular exams and cleanings from Dr. Robert R Burks DDS at six-monthly intervals.


In addition, maintaining good oral hygiene to keep your gums healthy remains essential to get food particles and bacteria away from your implanted teeth. The sole adversary of dental implants is gum disease, a leading cause of implant failure.


Age Doesn’t Matter When Getting Dental Implants


Dental implants have no age restrictions, and the only requirement they have is complete jaw development. It indicates anyone over 17 up to 90 can consider themselves candidates for getting dental implants.


So long as your dental surgeon considers your physical and oral health sufficiently healthy, you can have dental implants to replace your missing teeth. If you are affected by jawbone resorption, a bone graft helps replenish your jawbone, enabling you to get implants placed a few months later.


Dental Implants Are Indistinguishable


No one will realize you have a missing tooth replacement with dental implants because every implant-supported restoration is custom-created by experienced cosmetic dentists in a dental laboratory. Whether you have a single tooth replaced or an entire arch of teeth, your family and friends will find it challenging to distinguish the difference between natural and artificial teeth.


Dental Implants Don’t Harm Your Neighboring Teeth


Implant placements function like your natural teeth. It indicates you don’t have to worry about the implants compromising your neighboring teeth like it is familiar with dental bridges where extensive tooth structure removal is essential before dental bridge placement.


Besides, closing the gaps between your teeth with dental implants helps prevent jawbone resorption, a common occurrence after tooth loss. The placements also help brush and floss comfortably without encountering any challenges.


Are Dental Implants Strong?


The strength of dental implants remains undisputed because titanium, a space-age material, helps make them. As a result, the implants you receive are as strong as the spaceships going to Mars and beyond. If you think dental implants are expensive, attribute the costs of the implant to the material they are made from. However, dental implants last for a lifetime without needing replacements every five to ten years, unlike dental bridges or dentures. Therefore implant placements are cost-effective as tooth replacement solutions.


Caring for Your Dental Implants


Caring for your dental implants is as comfortable as looking after your natural teeth. If you are accustomed to maintaining excellent dental hygiene and scheduling regular appointments with your dentist, rest assured you will never encounter any challenges with your artificial teeth. Problems arise if you neglect dental hygiene and allow plaque buildup to accumulate around the implanted teeth, making them vulnerable to gum disease.


Dental implants are excellent solutions for replacing missing teeth to function and appear like your natural teeth. Implants offer you a permanent replacement solution and last for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.


Therefore if you need tooth replacement solutions, do not consider yourself alone because 69% of people between 35 and 44 are affected by tooth loss and are searching for replacement options to restore the abilities they lost with their missing tooth or teeth. Get in touch with the tooth implant dentist as soon as possible to begin the procedure of getting dental implants before you start losing jawbone to need more intensive treatments.

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