Dental Crowns in Winter Springs, FL

Dental Crowns in Winter Springs, FL

At the office of Dr. Fabiola Camacho we’re proud to provide personalized dental care to the community of Winter Springs, FL and the surrounding areas. As a leading practice, we offer a wide array of effective treatment options, such as crowns, to help our patients improve their oral health immediately, and achieve a smile that they are proud of. Dr. Camacho is known for her gentle touch, and will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the duration of your visit. While we focus on preventive care, we offer a number of restorative dental treatments at our office, including dental crowns and bridges.

A dental crown is like a “cap” that fits over a damaged tooth: it’s a covering, usually made from gold or porcelain that completely covers a damaged, decayed, or otherwise problematic tooth and provides both the strength and appearance of a normal tooth. Crowns are an excellent solution for repairing large cavities, fixing a tooth that’s cracked or improving the appearance of your smile by covering discolored or otherwise unattractive teeth. In addition to preventing damaged teeth from worsening, they can restore oral function in patients with impaired teeth and cosmetically enhance the appearance of teeth that are visibly damaged.

Dental Crowns to Restore Oral Functions

When patients have severely damaged teeth, they may experience loss of certain oral functions. This includes biting, chewing, and even proper speaking. Dr. Fabiola Camacho offers crowns as an effective and positive restorative treatment that can improve these functions. Crowns also enhance the appearance of damaged teeth in addition to protecting them against further harm. Dr. Camacho will professionally craft a crown for you to look, perform, and function as naturally as your original tooth.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Crowns are versatile when it comes to protecting vulnerable teeth. This includes teeth that are weak, cracked or have worn enamel. Dental crowns are also part of important dental procedures such as root canal therapy and dental bridges. In addition, crowns can be an effective dental cosmetic enhancement. Since a crown covers almost the entirety of a patient’s tooth, it can serve as cosmetic restoration for teeth that are discolored or otherwise visibly flawed. With proper oral hygiene and care, this cosmetic and restorative dental procedure can last for many years. Contact Dr. Fabiola Camacho, DDS for information about dental crowns near you.

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