Dental Fillings in Winter Springs, FL

Dental Fillings in Winter Springs, FL

Dental cavities break down tooth enamel and cause permanent damage. Unfortunately, this damage will progress and worsen if it remains untreated. Therefore, a tooth with a cavity requires restoration. Even patients with the most thorough and careful oral hygiene habits can experience tooth decay. During your routine dental examination, Dr. Camacho will assess the health of your teeth and look for any cavities that may have developed. Dr. Fabiola Camacho believes it’s important to catch decay in it’s earliest stages because the smaller the decay, the smaller the restoration. Small restorations will help maintain the strength and health of the tooth.

Most cavities are identified during regular dental examinations with our dentist in Winter Springs, FL. If you end up with a cavity, Dr. Fabiola Camacho will schedule an appointment to professionally treat it with a filling. The decayed part of the tooth will be removed, leaving the tooth vulnerable. Therefore, a filling must replace the removed portion of the tooth to protect it against further damage and allow it to function normally in the mouth.

Are Fillings Permanent?

Dental fillings can last for several years. However, they are not permanent. Due to daily wear with the pressure of chewing, fillings are likely to deteriorate and end up cracking, leaking, or even coming out. This deterioration allows food particles and bacteria to get inside. If you notice sensitivity or pain in the teeth, it’s essential for Dr. Fabiola Camacho to replace your fillings in order to protect your teeth from decay.

Of course, proper oral hygiene and regular dental exams and cleanings is the best way to avoid getting cavities and tooth decay. Contact Dr. Fabiola Camacho DDS Dentist Office Near You for information about fillings near you.

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