Preventive Resin Restorations in Winter Springs, FL

Preventive Resin Restorations in Winter Springs, FL

General dentistry is just as much about preventing oral health problems as it is about treating them. Dr. Fabiola Camacho. cares about your family’s oral health, especially when it comes to preventing dental problems in children. Since young children are at higher risk for cavities, preventive resins in Winter Springs, FL are a solution for preventing tooth decay in their back teeth. Dr. Fabiola Camacho, DDS offers the protection of dental preventive resins near you for your children.

Preventive Resin Restorations (permanent sealants)

Our back teeth, known as molars, are notorious for collecting food particles in their grooves and crevices, which are extremely difficult to fully clean with at-home brushing and flossing. When these particles break down, they turn into bacteria, acid, or other forms of tooth decay. This material erodes the enamel of teeth to form cavities and other problems.

Dental preventive resins help protect the crevices and grooves of molars against tooth decay. This reduces the risk of cavities, which is highly beneficial for children whose molars are just appearing in the back of their mouths.

Children and Oral Health Care

Young children are typically in a higher risk category for tooth decay and other oral health issues. This is partly due to underdeveloped or ineffective at-home dental care habits. In particular, it’s very difficult for children to brush and floss their molars properly. Preventive resins can protect against inadequate oral health care in children by helping to prevent tooth decay in molars. This protection can save time, stress, and money by preventing cavities and future dental treatments such as fillings with Dr. Fabiola Camacho.

Though preventive resins don’t replace excellent at-home oral health habits or excuse poor ones, they offer an additional measure of protection against the effects of tooth decay. Preventive resins significantly lessen the rate of cavities occurring in molars. They are an investment in the health of your children’s teeth Dentist Near You. Contact Dr. Fabiola Camacho, DDS for information about sealants with our dentist in Winter Springs, FL.

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