We Are THANKFUL For Our Patients

We Are THANKFUL For Our Patients

November 19, 2019

Not many dental practices can say they’ve cared for the same patients for over 20 years….but WE CAN! Our greatest blessing is YOU, our wonderful patients. You’ve allowed us to be part of your lives. You’ve shared your wedding pictures, baby pictures, travel pictures, new home pictures. We’ve watched your children go to kindergarten and then before you know it, they’re all grown up and heading off to college! We’ve helped you make decisions about your dental health and kept you comfortable when you needed dental care. Our partnership with you is what brings us the greatest joy. THANK YOU for being part of our dental family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Camacho & Dr. Burks, Holly, Amanda, Becca, Shelby, Lisa, Vanessa, Lena

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